We are currently producing sauce using the Samson's Sauce Original Comic Label and Samson's Original Gourmet Sauce label. Samson's Sauce Original Comic Label is the original label designed by granddaddy Simpson in the l940's. On the original label, "V.V.H." meant Very, Very, Hot. It is not that hot now, but is still hot enough to pep up anything you put it on! (In recent years, this sauce was also labeled Hot and Spicy)

Gurney designed the Samson's Original Gourmet Sauce label in the 1980's to meet commercial label standards. The sauce is the same delicious sauce with many applications and uses, but is designed for those who prefer the look of a more classic label for more formal situations. It claims to be the "King of Sauces", and we think it is. Try it and see if you agree.